4 Helpful Design Items that Improve Your Living Space

Improving your living space is all about minimizing your clutter and maximizing your happiness. Keep reading for helpful design tips and items that could overall improve your living space and make you love your home a little more.

Double-Purpose Furniture is a Godsend

Double-purpose furniture is like a men’s lab coat–designed to look like one thing, but with more purposes than you could imagine. Ottomans that double as storage spaces. Bookshelves that you can put everything on. These kinds of double-purpose furnishings are amazing because you can do so much with them. And they take up half the space. Antique shops and secondhand furniture stores are goldmines for double-purpose furniture, so hit those first. Maybe you could even find a good-conditioned couch with hidden storage space beneath the cushions—score.

Safety Screws and Baby-Proof Locks Make Life Better

If you have kids of your own, or entertain friends and family with their kiddos in tow, then you absolutely need to baby-proof your home. The locks for the cabinets and drawers make it easier to keep kiddos out of whatever happens to be in your stow-away zones. And safety screws can adhere your bookshelves and end tables to the wall to ensure nothing topples over and harms curious youngsters. Accidents happen, sure, but you can do your part to prevent them.

Reading Nook? All You Need is a Cozy Space and a Good Book

Reading nooks are little safe havens in your home, especially if you live with curious kids, rambunctious roommates, or a nagging spouse. A reading nook could be YOUR space, so pick a spot. Stack it full of downy blankets, cushions, and pillows, and bring a good book. You can sit there for hours with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate, snuggle down, and have an awesome read.

Keep Trinkets [a.k.a. Useless Clutter] to a Minimum

A few meaningful and memorable trinkets are okay, like the vase your grandma gave you, or the picture frame your mom wanted you to have. Those are amazing and sweet tokens of love that you should totally hold onto. But ditch the thrift store finds that you thought were cute. These kinds of impromptu trinkets are useless clutter that will gum up your interior décor with zero purpose.

When it comes right down to improving your living space, pick comforts over aesthetics. Stockpile cozy blankets and throw pillows, keep useless stuff to a minimum, and don’t go crazy with your wall décor. Minimal but comfortable is always best.