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How To Protect Our Students Using Anti Bullying Programs. The primary role of everyone involved with the school system is to ensure all children have a bright future. Clearing the way for students to get information is the rule they have to use to ensure the education system works properly. Being one of the oldest problems in learning institution for many years, researchers have had a lot of cases pf bullying in schools. Everyone in a lifetime gets bullied and this is where most bullies are born to make the life of other learners hard. Most cases of bullying are done by the male students but there incidents of females bullying other students too. Bullying increases as the learners advance to the higher class if not stopped. When students get to high school, the bullying becomes a norm and there is groupings among the students. The male students become more violent and aggressive to those they bully than the girls in high school because of their masculine bodies. The girls are bullied by being wrongly treated and bad information spread about them. Everyone that has once been in learning institution once gets bullied and the weaker once get bullied more than the rest of the learners. In the bullying scenario, the weak or anyhow different students are the ones who get bullied The bullies use the grouping system to get their victims and the once who are socially isolated are the once who get bullied most.
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The bullied group of learners suffer in silence because they are weak to defend themselves and are afraid of the bully’s wrath if they happen to report the bullying. Bright students get bullied and this destroys the energy they would use to score better in grades. Many schools have changed the bullying norm and they have employed surveillance systems to note bullying and started correcting the students that bully others. The implemented anti bullying programs have been a success because the cases of bullying have dropped and children have peace in the education system. The concept of bullying is spreads to adulthood and when controlled at the time people are children, it will bring a bully free future. There are instances where people witness bullying and cannot do anything and it feels us with guilt but now there are areas where bullying cases can be reported to help in curbing it. People who just stand and allow bullying to continue are in most cases afraid of going through the same hence they are action less.
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The future will be better when bullying is cabbed.