A Spa Treatment In The Privacy of Your Own Home

Women take great pride in the way they look, especially when it comes to their face. Unfortunately, everyone ages, and with that comes the look of aging. This usually includes fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, liver spots, enlarged pores and so much more. Because of this, many women turn to spa treatments and regular visits to their plastic surgeon. This can be quite costly. Because of such expenses, women have turned to at home treatments for skin resurfacing and other techniques to get their skin looking good.

There are many home products on the market for purchase. One of those machines is called Microderm MD. This machine is guaranteed to give salon quality results when it comes to microdermabrasion within the privacy of your own home. The results are guaranteed, it is approved by the FDA and is safe and easy to use. The technology behind it includes diamond tipped exfoliation and suction to achieve the amazing results it claims. The exfoliation process removes the outer layer of the skin, while the suction increases blood flow to the epidermis to build elastin and collagen.

To achieve optimal results, following directions is important. First, you must wash your face with water and a cleanser. Then, put in a new filter into the vacuum hose, making sure the tip is attached correctly to the wand. Turn it on and choose the intensity level you feel comfortable with. Drag it across your face lightly, making sure you cover your entire face with the gentle strokes. When done, throw away the filter and clean the tip. Wash your face again to remove any dead skin cells. Use an anti-aging treatment each time you use the machine. Let it stand for five minutes, then apply sunblock. You can do this one to two times per week at first, then you can increase it to two to three times a week.

This is a great at home treatment plan for anyone that desires salon quality spa treatments without having to pay the expensive pricing that comes along with it, and it is done in your own home on your own time.