Best Beauty Tips for your First Date

Everyone wants to impress on their first date. The promise and excitement of romance, the jitters, the butterflies and the stressing are all part of it. In your excitement to impress your date, you may want to try out a few new makeup styles, a new hairstyle or a different dress sense. Don’t get too carried away, though. These essential beauty tips will help you look your best.

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These are best beauty tips for your first date:

1) Moisturising:

Adding a moisturiser to your beauty routine before your date will help your skin to better absorb the makeup to make it last longer. It will also make your face less shiny (and oily) even though you’re likely got the first-date jitters.

2) Base:

The best looking makeup starts with a base. Make your skin look healthier with an oil-free primer, a good lip balm, and a revitalizing cream to make your eyes pop with beauty. While on about your eyes, maybe use some eye-drops to clear-up any redness in your eyes that you may have after a day at the office or studying. Bright eyes make a big difference.

3) Bold:

Be bold in your choice of lip colour or eye liner – or even in style. Use your face’s natural contours to highlight their shapes with blush and bronzers. That also includes your mascara.

4) Hair Care:

Keep your hairstyle simple. Don’t try a new hairstyle on a first date. The last thing you will want is to be distracted by your hair. And, you especially don’t want your hair to distract your date. Instead, go with one of your signature styles and one that’s easy to style while out and about, too.

5) Perfume:

The experts find thatspraying your perfume and walking into it provides the best results. Don’t over-spray and overpower your senses: you want to draw your date in, not chase them away.

6) Breath of Fresh Air:

Before you head out the door, do check that you’ve not forgotten to brush your teeth. You may have had garlic with your lunch, or you might have had a fresh salad to nibble on and some leaves are stuck in your teeth. A fresh breath will also give you more confidence when speaking to your date.

7) Smile:

Your best beauty asset is undoubtedly your smile. Be sure to flash your smile to your date as much as you can.