Myths & Facts about Fitness Actually

Basically the reality of people who have been doing the exercises to get a big body does not get the body instantly; they have been diligently doing work and intelligent work simultaneously. Because in addition to diligent practice, a person must learn movement, body anatomy, nutrition, lifestyle and maybe cooking. Consuming muscle supplements is also very important, as in as a reference for who wants a quality supplement. After learning it certainly practices it. Here we will rectify the myths about Fitness that is familiar in the ears of readers as well.

Fitness Myths & Facts

Fitness Can Causes Massive Muscle with Instant Muscles

The fact is: bodybuilding is indeed one of the fastest types of exercise in muscle training, but it does not mean instant. One must train his muscles diligently and hard (meaning knowing his capacity in lifting weights), besides eating and sleeping patterns are also very important role in this).

Fitness Can Cause the Body to Be Short

The fact is: Bodybuilding cannot make the body short, nor is it high. Supposing this can be imagined how many kilograms of loads raised by the person? The age allowed starting this bodybuilding from the age of 15 years. All the people who do this sport, even from before the age of 17 years. And no one complains about this. Another proof, just look at those muscular Caucasians that are in the movies, most of them still high? Because this height is about genes.

If Stop Doing Fitness Will Be Sacked and Poor

The fact is: Slack body is not caused by fitness, but muscles do not grow again because of the stop plus a lot of eating patterns. Because usually people will eat more when gym, unfortunately this is not reduced after stopping gym. Though this is not much different from people who are fat because many eat. Even the stop is still better because it still leaves shape, muscle strength and “muscle memory”.

You Cannot Increase Muscle Size When 40 years old

The fact is: It’s totally wrong, have you ever seen Sylvester Stallone in a Rocky Balboa movie? At what age was he filming? Or film expendable II, still raising his body? Age does not affect whether or not human muscle develops.

Women should not do weights

The fact is: The cause is due to the fear of being big and muscular like a man. Though it cannot be obtained, because women only have 1/16 of testosterone from men. What they see in the contest is because it uses steroids.

The Faster Running the More Burned Fats

The fact is: The more you run fast; your heart rate will rise. The result is you will train your heart, not burn fat. To burn effective fat required 65{e1468aef0f9b79ec41de4fb582f64436b8aa1455f59e3dc0e2de984565764768} of max rate and for cardio about 80{e1468aef0f9b79ec41de4fb582f64436b8aa1455f59e3dc0e2de984565764768}.

The More Sit up Every Day the Easier Can Be Six-pack or Running

The fact: Even if you do 1 million sit ups this will not be obtained if you do not do cardio. Because the sit ups only strengthen the abdominal muscles while the six packs can be obtained if the fat in the stomach is reduced. What a different matter.

Doing Cardio before Lifting Weight Will Accelerate Muscle build up

The fact is: If you run / treadmill before lifting weights, you will be tired first. Because what you need is muscle, not fat burning.

The Hunger-Retarding Diet Is the Best Way to Reduce Fat

The fact is: When you follow the diet plan to keep hunger, the result you get is the increase in fat. Initially some of the fat will disappear, but once the person is on a regular diet the fat will return and (may) increase. In some cases, more fat is due to slowing metabolism. In addition, as long as the diet hungers, there will be many muscles lost and become weak, making it difficult to practice