Science, Marketing and Sifting Through the Mess for Evidence Based Weight Loss Tips

There is a cosmic difference between the marketing of losing weight and the science. The lines are often, and unfairly, blurred to push a certain idea. The health industry is staggeringly big and the marketing behind it is a juggernaut of the grandest proportions. How does someone get rid of the noise and focus on the facts? It can be accomplished by looking exclusively at evidence based weight loss tips. These are tips based on science, and they are surprisingly straightforward and basic.

Healthy Protein, Less Carbs

There is a common weight loss strategy that looks at diminishing lunch food cravings. A hefty lunch is often considered one of the bigger weight gain contributors, especially over breakfast. An evidence-based strategy is to fit a big breakfast around eggs and other high-protein foods. The high-protein base will diminish food cravings during lunch. Though they can be high in fat, eggs are much better than bread-based foods like bagels.

No Added Sugar

Is there added sugar”? Drop it. Added sugar is tied to processed food, and neither is particularly healthy or traditionally low in fat. Avoid added sugars to lose weight, and stay away from beverages that have high-content sugar additions, such as coffee with thick vanilla flavoring or caramel and other sweet derivatives.

Black Coffee

It is really hard to drop coffee. Ask anyone who considers themselves unfit for the world before they have their morning coffee, usually in a state of tired delirium. Coffee is important and it does not have to be dropped to lose weight. Scientifically, coffee can actually help in weight loss, especially in the early weeks. A great tip is to get rid of coffee or flavor additions. This plays off the weight loss tip above. Mil is high in fat. Creamer usually has a flavoring or is high in added sugar. Both are bad for weight loss.

For better or worse, weight loss isn’t about executing intense strategies, work regimes, programs, and other things. Sometimes, it is about just doing the science-based actions that need to be done and sticking to them tightly. All the other stuff is noise to help move the basic things forward- decrease carbs, take in protein, work out regularly, and commit.