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The TEDxFruitvale: Harvesting Change videos have been posted on YouTube. Below are links to each talk or performance in the order it was presented on October 14, 2011; full bios of the speakers are available here. We’re collecting questions for our speakers about their talks and will be putting together a Q&A. Send your questions to — and watch the home page for the virtual interviews!


Maisie Greenawalt, host: Conference Opener
Will Scott, African American Farmers of California: Bring Back Black Farmers
Robin Romano, The Harvest: Children in Our Fields
José Gutierrez, former farmworker: Leaving the Fields Behind
Carlos Jackson, visual artist: Images of the Farmworker Movement
Flavio Cornejo, physician: What Farmwork Does to a Body
Maria Catalán, Catalán Farms: From Farmworker to Farm Owner
Cameron Sinclair, Architecture for Humanity*: Open Source Architecture [*Pre-recorded TED talk]
Wayne Pacelle, The Humane Society of the United States: Animals, Humans: We’re All Connected
Sanjay Rawal, documentary filmmaker: Filming the Faces Behind Our Food
Performance: Edith Gawler and Bennett Konesni: Transforming Work Into Joy


Omar Ahmad, former mayor of San Carlos, CA*
Arturo Rodriguez, United Farm Workers: Why We Need Unions More Than Ever [*Pre-recorded TED talk]
Joann Lo, Food Chain Workers Alliance: Organizing the Workers in the Food Chain
Derek Sivers, MuckWork*: How to Start a Movement [*Pre-recorded TED talk]
Nikki Henderson, People’s Grocery: The Black Power and Farmworker Movements
Tim Galarneau, Real Food Challenge: Empowering College Students to Control What They Eat
Andrea Cristina Mercado, Mujeres Unidas: Domestic Workers Banding Together
Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation: If You Eat, You’re Responsible [Pre-recorded for TEDxFruitvale]
Performance: Zoë Ellis, Crystal Monee Hall, and Valerie Troutt: The Trouble I’ve Seen


Gerardo Reyes-Chavez, Coalition of Immokalee Workers: Making Corporations Pay
Auret van Heerden, Fair Labor Association*: Making Global Labor Fair [*Pre-recorded TED talk]
Heather Franzese, Fair Trade USA: Changing How You Think About Clothes
Dalia Ceja and Amelia Ceja, Ceja Vineyards: Grape Picker to Wine Maker
Barry Estabrook, author of Tomatoland: Following the Money in Lake Apopka, FL
Sandy Brown and Adelfo Antonio, Swanton Berry Farm: Life on a Unionized Organic Farm
Performance: Mi Tierra Linda Mariachi: Conference Finale

A Spanish audio version of each talk will be available as a downloadable file from this page within a few weeks.

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