What Kind Of Schedule And Treatment Is Offered At A Short-Term Treatment Center?

When it comes to seeking treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, you may be presented with a lot of options in your local area. Long-term facilities are ideal if you have relapsed or if your addiction spans the course of several decades and has impacted every facet of your life. Holistic healing centers take a spiritual approach to healing. These centers are far less rigid than long-term care facilities, and most of them offer spa-like amenities, activities and classes that patients can enjoy at their leisure. If you have family, work and home obligations, you may need to seek treatment at a short-term drug and alcohol treatment facility. While the statistics show that long-term care facilities are more successful than the alternative options, you can still kick your addiction once and for all under the care of a short-term treatment center.

What Kind Of Schedule And Treatment Is Offered At A Short-Term Treatment Center?

Prior to entering a short-term outpatient treatment center, you will complete an intake assessment. This questionnaire will determine the severity of your addiction. A licensed therapist can then coordinate a proper short-term care plan that utilizes the best aspects of their program pertinent to your individual needs. An inpatient treatment center immerses patients in every aspect of the recovery program. A short-term facility offers a more selective approach based on the uniqueness of your addiction.

Licensed counselors, therapists and directors will work with your existing home and work schedule at an outpatient facility. They will build a customized treatment program around your schedule, so that it does not impact or disrupt your day-to-day routine. Any disruptions to your daily routine could trigger stress that would lead to a relapse. Counselors are very careful to create a balanced outpatient program that enhances your life, promotes recovery for you and your family and does not add stress to your life outside of treatment.

Do Short-Term Treatment Centers Offer Detox Programs?

Most short term drug rehab centers do not offer in-house alcohol or drug detox treatments. They can refer you to qualified and safe detox centers in your area where you can go through the withdrawal process with 24-hour assistance.

Once you have successfully completed the detox phase of your treatment, you will transfer to a short-term center to work on the emotional, mental, physiological and spiritual aspect of your addiction. Detox treatment centers only treat the physical symptoms of addiction. Every inpatient and outpatient treatment center will require that their patients attend a formal detox before entering the facility. Going through withdrawal while attempting to undergo treatment at an inpatient or outpatient care facility will prohibit you from fully immersing yourself in the recovery.

What To Expect While At A Short-Term Treatment Facility

Some short-term recovery centers offer 24-hour treatment. These facilities remove you from the environmental triggers that contribute to your addiction. You can undergo outpatient treatment if you have other obligations, or you can attend a short-term inpatient recovery center for a limited period of time. Many short-term inpatient clinics offer a four-week curriculum in which you undergo group counseling, one-on-one treatment with a licensed therapist and learn life-training skills and coping mechanisms. A lot of short-term inpatient clinics also offer family rehabilitation. Your family members can attend the curriculum alongside your recovery and learn more about your addiction, how to avoid triggering you and how to cope with relapses and set limits in their own lives.

Whether you choose a short-term treatment clinic with more of a nine-to-five daily curriculum or prefer the environment that a short-term 24-hour-a-day facility provides, a short stay at a treatment center is far better than living with your addiction. Alcohol and drug dependency has a negative impact on your physical body as well as your mental and emotional health. It also impacts your ability to work and maintain healthy relationships with significant others, family members and friends.

There are many well-known and well-respected substance abuse programs in this country. You can obtain a referral through your doctor or any licensed clinician. There are also online referral services and community outreach programs in your area that offer referral services to inpatient and outpatient treatment centers near you. The cost of the treatment varies greatly depending on your location, whether you attend an inpatient or outpatient recovery center and the types of services offered at each center. The cost for drug and alcohol rehabilitation is worth way more than the cost of your addiction and the toll it takes on your health.