Digital Imaging Benefits

Instead of X-rays being developed like a picture, most X-rays are digital. There are several benefits for doctors and patients who require a digital X-ray imaging scan. One is that the process of the scan and reading the results is faster than previous methods. This means that you will get the results of your scan back the same day in most situations. The doctor will be able to see if there is anything that needs to be immediately addressed or treated, such as concerns with the appendix, the gallbladder or other areas of the body that might require surgery in a short time.

There is less radiation used with digital imaging. This means that there is a decreased chance of health issues that might occur with exposure to radiation. There isn’t any kind of pain associated with a digital image. If you’ve had X-rays taken of your teeth, then you know that there is usually a piece of plastic that you have to bite on in order for the image to be seen. Digital services remove this plastic as the only thing that is needed is a machine that takes a picture.

Digital images are often easier to see than a film that needs to be developed. There isn’t as great of a risk of something hindering the results of the image or an error occurring because something gets on the film. If something does happen with the film that needs to be developed, then the image usually has to be taken again. Digital images usually don’t have any hindrances with them.

Your time in the imaging center is decreased, which means that you can get back to what you were doing during the day in a short time. The images are stored on a computer, which means that they can easily be sent to other doctors when they are needed. You won’t have to get a copy of the films to take to the doctor. You can also usually view the images online when you want instead of requesting a copy for your personal records, which means you can take better care of your health if there are issues that are seen on the images.