It Effects Marijuana On Your Eyesight

Marijuana, aka cannabis sativa, also known as marijuana, is an intoxicating plant because of its content, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). A study revealed that 30 percent of marijuana users are potentially dependent. Dependence gets worse when cannabis is used every day and users have mental health disorders. And although the use of marijuana in the medical world is increasingly common, the abuse of marijuana can still have an adverse effect on the body. Recently, researchers have also discovered the effects of marijuana on the eyes of its users.
The effects of cannabis on vision said Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

A recent study by Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida to 52 participants (with an age range of 18-35 years) revealed that marijuana consumption causes more time needed to channel information from the eye to the brain.

The study was then conducted on 28 participants who had used marijuana at least 7 times a week in the months before the study took place. Then compared with the remaining 24 participants who never used marijuana before.

This study focuses on a cell on the eye located not far from the surface in the retina, called retinal ganglion cells. This cell plays a role in collecting visual information from the eye before it is finally channeled to the brain.

Using an electroretinogram, a method for testing the quality of the retina, the results of the tests showed that participants who used cannabis actually took longer (98.6 milliseconds) than those who had never used marijuana (88.4 milliseconds) in transmitting information from the eye to the brain. For more info, you can visit Medical Cannabis

Unfortunately, this study still requires other advanced research and has some limitations on the unconfirmed variable in its research.