Traveling to Bangalore? Don’t Miss Out on These Things!

Bangalore is known to the world as the Silicon Valley of India, but it is more than just an IT hub. It is one of the busiest metropolia in the country and people from around the world travel to this part for both business and leisure. Bangalore also serves as a getaway for the southern part of India and is explored by an ample number of tourists every year. With its diverse culture and plenty of things in its lap, there is no end to activities one can undertake in Bangalore.

If you are travelling to Bangalore, make sure you have your itinerary sorted. There are several things one can do in Bangalore that is it natural to get overwhelmed. First things first, if you want to enjoy Bangalore and places around it then book among the resorts near Bangalore for maximum mobility around the city.

Below is a list of things we have curated that you must do when you are in Bangalore

Let Your Hair Down – Nightlife

Most people are not aware of this, but Bangalore is also known as the ‘Pub Capital of India’, thanks to its highest number of pubs in the country. The entire city is dotted with pubs and is a popular party destination. Travelers will find a plethora of microbreweries all around the city, and you will never run out of places to party. Bangalore is also famous for its music culture and is known to host insane music festivals with acts from around the world. So, if you are in Bangalore, you cannot miss out on partying or enjoying a musical act in the city. After all, what better way to start our Bangalore trip by letting your hair down and partying?

Get Closer to Nature – Garden City

Now that you know that Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, and the Pub Capital of India, there’s one more title given to this metropolis – The Garden City of India. Yes, Bangalore has hundreds of gardens in its lap, and some of them are the cleanest and greenest in the country. A stroll down the Cubbon Park is an experience to be relished. There are several annual flower festivals hosted in the city that showcase the most extensive collection of tropical plants in the country. Go out, and explore the city!

Tie Your Boots – Trek to Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is located around 62 kilometres from the Bangalore city centre, so it makes sense to book resorts near Bangalore if you want to explore the offbeat places around the city. The magnificent range of Nandi hills is famous for its trekking trails. For the spiritual seekers, the ancient Yoganadeeshwara Temple is the one to visit experience tranquillity. With the stunning statue of Nandi, it will give a sight to behold.

Picnic or Hiking? – How about both at Chikkaballapura?

At around 59 kilometres from the city centre of Bangalore, Chikkaballapura is surrounded by five magnificent hills which makes it an ideal destination for two things – Picnic and Hiking. The panoramic and picturesque beauty of Chikkaballapura will leave you in awe. The small area is known for its incense and silk industry, but the adventurists will find themselves following the trail, or making a new one! One cannot miss out on Chikkaballapura when they are travelling to Bangalore.

Treat the Shopaholic in You – Brigade Road and Chickpet Market

Brigade Road is the most prominent and busiest commercial centre in Bangalore. It is dotted with shops that sell shoes, apparels, electronics, handicrafts, antiques and everything you can think of practically! The best part of shopping at Brigade Road is the reasonable prices.

Chickpet Market, on the other hand, is the prime place to go if you want to shop for apparels, textiles, brass and steel items. With a rich historical background, Chickpet Market is famous for its silk textiles and remains as one of the oldest places to shop in Bangalore.

Apart from these, there are further things to do in Bangalore, and it is best if you explore it by yourself. There is something new in every nook and corner, and Bangalore will leave you wanting for more! Make sure to choose among the resorts near Bangalore to avoid getting stuck in traffic and still be able to enjoy the city in its wee hours.